14 – Miss Miracle

Thanks to a friend from his school days Martin was able to see Wonder Woman earlier and the recording of this episode could be scheduled earlier for your listening pleasure.
And it is indeed a wonderful episode because not only are Niv and Martin sweeping through pop-cultural relevant themes like a set of new brooms, they even got some guest contributions for their review of the Wonder Woman movie.
(Yes, the brooms are eluding to this episodes outtake.)

The Rundown

  • Roger Moore and Adam West passed away
  • Mel Brooks talks about Spaceballs 2 [link]
  • Zack Synder is leaving Justice League movie to be replaced by Joss Whedon [link]
  • Wonder Woman unwraps the Mummy at the box office [link]
  • Marvel’s Black Panther teaser [link]
  • possible Marvels’s Iron Fist season 2 announcement [link]
  • the cancellation of Sense8 [link]
  • Marve’s The Defenders will take place over 48 hours [link]
  • Wonder Woman review [trailer]
  • Martin finally saw The Lego Batman Movie [trailer]
  • Batman and Bill [trailer]
  • Blame! [trailer]
  • Lego has two Thor: Ragnarok sets out
  • recommendation: Podcasta La Vista, Baby! – A podcast about Arnold Schwarzenegger’s filmography [link]

Mentions and further links

  • James Bond uses an unsuspicious parachute [link]
  • How it should have ended: The Lego Batman Movie [link]
  • Frank Gorshin as the Riddler in Batman’66 [link]
  • Cesar Romero as the Joker in Batman’66 [link]
  • Gotham City 14 miles – a book about the show Batman’66
  • Father’s Day [wikipedia]
  • Martin Short [wikipedia]
  • Airplane! trailer [link]
  • Lip plate [wikipedia]
  • World War I [wikipedia]
  • That time Jim Steranko slapped Bob Kane [link]
  • Knights of Sidonia trailer [link]
  • Thor Ragnarok Lego figures [link]

Thank You so much for listening!
We’d also like to thank our contributors on this episode’s main review:
& Laura

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intro/outro music courtesy of Savestates
The Interlude and outtake music is Poppers and Prosecco by Kevin MacLeod; published under a CC-License 4.0
Interview music is Epic courtesy of bensound.com


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