16 – #shatnertrek

We were so well prepared this time that we had to pretend being otherwise. Martin might have forgot that we scheduled a recording because he’s remodeling a room to comfort an infant.

The Rundown

  • xHamster offers to continue Sense8
  • Some thoughts on Rick and Morty’s third season
  • Martin watched The Orville’s pilot episode
  • Nightwing got cast (Starfire was too)
  • Obi-Wan Kenobi gets his own spin off movie
  • The Joker might get an origin solo movie
  • Colon Trevorro no longer directs Episode IX; JJ Abrams takes over
  • Taika Waititi in talks to direct life-action Akira
  • Three hour cut of Richard Donner’s Superman to be released
  • Tomb Raider and Marvel’s The Punisher trailer
  • Marvel’s Defenders review (plagued by a short technical problem)

Mentions and further links

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intro/outro music courtesy of Savestates
The Interlude and outtake music is Poppers and Prosecco by Kevin MacLeod; published under a CC-License 4.0


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